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I really hope this is how you do this stuff!!!! : )

Name :: Hilary-Ann
Age :: 17 in November
Favorite Board Sports :: SKIMBOARDING all the way but I mess around with skateboarding also, I totally suck though!
Years of Expierience :: skimming since summer before last but getting REAL serious about it for a few months...been trying to skate for like 5 years
Location :: West Palm Beach, Florida
Favorite Clothing Line :: Volcom, DC shoe co, Roxy, American Eagle, A and F, Hollister
Favorite Songs :: I don't have favorite >songs< but if I had to chose one it would be New Skin by Incubus
Favortie Bands :: INCUBUS, Fall Out Boy, TBS, Silverstein, Sum41, Jimmy Eat World, oh soo many but you get the idea
The Best Thing About Board Sports :: you can never get bored because there's always room to improve on your skill/tricks/whatever
Describe Your Style in One Word :: experimental/crazy, that could be one word
Why do you want to be in this community? :: being in a community where I can jabber about my skim session and people care!
The Link for where you Promoted this Community :: on my user info page and on myspace both can be found on my livejournal....sorryness
Favorite Place To Be :: da beach mon
Wildest Thing You Have Done :: hmmm....on a board, skimming topless otherwise so many I couldn't put one down
Final Words :: board sports rock a left nut....bmxing should be here also, it isn't quite a "board" but it's the same exremity

Picture Time :: I have this one gay from my first ever skim session but I don't know how to use a scanner : ( but my icon has a pic I guess!
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