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Klo's application

Name :: Karina
Age :: 18
Favorite Board Sports :: snowboarding, wakeboarding, skimming
Years of Expierience :: snow - 7  wake - 1  skim - this summer
Location :: vancity, canada
Favorite Clothing Line :: United Riders, FUB, O'neil, Billabong

Favorite Songs :: 311 - Amber, Mest - Cadillac, exithiside - Simple Wonder
Favortie Bands :: Silverchair, Hoobastank, Yellowcard, exithiside
The Best Thing About Board Sports :: When you fall on your ass, you still can look cool. Oh, and the fact that you can do a boardsport on every element on earth (water, land, air- yes people skydive with a board -, fire.... well... we are all up for the challange!)
Describe Your Style in One Word :: Woot.
Why do you want to be in this community? :: Came across it, and it looks rad!  Lots of people with a great interest!
The Link for where you Promoted this Community :: http://exit-this-side.tripod.com  well, I will get on that soon!  The next time I update that page I'll put a link!
Favorite Place To Be :: On top of the highest mountain
Wildest Thing You Have Done :: Headed to Whistler for a few days, with no where to stay.  Ended up jumping fences for showers, and sleeping on park benches.  Loved it.
Final Words :: When you are stressed, procrastinate a little.

Picture Time :: Chex my livejournal.

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awesome. your in
haha, the song Amber by 311 is good, but SUCKS when everyone sings it to you.. (my name is Amber)
Ya, that can kind suck... I know how u feel though... my name is karina... and everyone is like HAVE U SEEN THE MOVIE??? HAVe U HEARD THE SONG???? I'm like... no and no... so they start singing it to me....