erin (shesaloser) wrote in the_board_bums,

Name :: erin
Age :: 17
Favorite Board Sports :: surfing, snowboarding
Years of Expierience :: snowboarding - 4, surfing - still learning
Location :: everett, wa
Favorite Clothing Line :: billabong, roxy, whatever.
Favorite Songs :: trampled underfoot - led zeppelin
Favortie Bands :: led zeppelin, jack johnson
The Best Thing About Board Sports :: they make you feel free
Describe Your Style in One Word :: vintage rock beach bum
Why do you want to be in this community? :: looks like fun
The Link for where you Promoted this Community :: my info page under friends
Favorite Place To Be :: the beach, the mountains
Wildest Thing You Have Done :: too much to name
Final Words :: have fun boarding

Picture Time :: dont have any, sorry
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