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Name :: Renault
Age :: 23
Favorite Board Sports :: being spanked/spanking with a board (a literal board bum)
Years of Expierience :: 6+
Location :: Traveling circus
Favorite Clothing Line :: the ones thin enough to make a garrote wire with
Favorite Songs :: Hindu Pez's "Anti-Emo Anthem", :wumpscut:'s "Kill a Raver
Favortie Bands :: Tactical Sekt, Feindflug, VNV Nation, Covenant, you know... stuff that you people have never heard of before.
The Best Thing About Board Sports :: watching the new people loosing teeth/skin/limbs
Describe Your Style in One Word :: benign
Why do you want to be in this community? :: because you need some people that know what goes on beyond the scope of a radio and MTV reality shows
The Link for where you Promoted this Community :: haha, too easy. why dont YOU try looking for IT
Favorite Place To Be :: anywhere
Wildest Thing You Have Done :: lawn chairs and railroad tracks, roman candles and tied-up EMO kids. 'nuff said
Final Words :: Two words: Philanthropist and Depressions go together like green eggs and ham

Picture Time ::
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I sense you'll be interesting to have in this community. So I say Welcome.

I see that we will get along quite well if there are others that think in spectrum like that. Thanks.
you're too weird!
yeah. well you're a little late there girlie. What... I dont listen to enough of Red Hot Chili Peppers?

*scoff* ... "weird." LOL!
Well i'm the MOD and i say that you're

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<front=120>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Well i'm the MOD and i say that you're

wow... that worked out REALLY well, didnt it?


*this is me caring*-- CARE.

mmm-nope. Dont. Have fun with your whole 9 people and all... shithead.
omg please dont be mean to people guys. we are here to have fun. ok. thankie.

yeah. sorry about that. she just caught me on a bad day. shan't happen again