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eat my wake.

Name :: Mash
Age ::17
Favorite Board Sports ::Wakeboarding and Longboarding
Years of Expierience :: about 2 years with the wakeboard and I'm just starting to get into the longboarding thing.
Location :: Antioch, Calfornia
Favorite Clothing Line ::Anything goes for me.
Favorite Songs :: Tommy James and the Shondells-Crimson and Clovers, Brand New- Sic Transit Gloria, Buddy Holly-Rave On, Elvis-Stuck on You, The Killers-Somebody Told me, DropKick Murphys-Walk Away
Favortie Bands ::Something Corporate, Mae, The Killers, Taking Back Sunday, Buddy Holly
The Best Thing About Board Sports ::being able to fall down and get back up and try harder.
Describe Your Style in One Word ::clique
Why do you want to be in this community? ::Its Rad
The Link for where you Promoted this Community :: Havent gotten to that yet, but I will. :)
Favorite Place To Be :: On our boat, conerts, my room
Wildest Thing You Have Done :: I'm boring.
Final Words ::where are my pants?

Picture Time ::

Me and my new board! :)

Me just hanging out in the delta.

My brother in laws long board. woo!

Thats my friend Tessa in the skirt, my sister, and me hanging out downtown.

One for kicks. Thats me in stripes, my friend Angie and twin sister Amber.
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