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Name :: Katie (KS) Lorenz
Age :: 17
Favorite Board Sports :: kneeboarding, wakeboarding
Years of Experience :: kneeboarding- 6 years, wakeboarding- 5 years
Location :: Hillsborough, NJ
Favorite Clothing Line :: I really don’t have a preference, anything that looks good on.
Favorite Songs :: Alice’s Restaurant
Favorite Bands :: I’ve never come across a band that I can truly call my “favorite” but I can usually listen to a Green Day CD without skipping around too much.
The Best Thing About Board Sports :: the rush that comes with taking the first run of the morning and skimming over perfect glassy water.
Describe Your Style in One Word :: eclectic
Why do you want to be in this community? :: to meet people with common interests
The Link for where you Promoted this Community :: searching “kneeboarding”
Favorite Place To Be :: Twin Lakes, ID
Wildest Thing You Have Done :: In the way of boarding, kneeboarding at 2am. other stuff... no comment. hehehe
Final Words :: I’m just an ordinary girl, who loves all things to do with H2Oboarding.


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