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my application

Name :: Jessica
Age :: 15
Favorite Board Sports :: Wakeboaring and Snowboarding
Years of Expierience :: 3 for both
Location :: San Diego, CA
Favorite Clothing Line :: hmm diddly.. I like all clothes.. no lie. I'm not picky.. whatever is cute :)
Favorite Songs :: Jessie's girl (my name), I was a kaleidoscope, red red wine (bwahaha)
Favortie Bands :: taking back sunday, lammi :) omg i <3 all music throw it at me and i will like it unless it's trash :D
The Best Thing About Board Sports :: It never gets boring- it's fun no matter how long you do it
Describe Your Style in One Word :: bangin
Why do you want to be in this community? :: I loove wakeboarding and snowboarding and i thought it would be cool to find other people who enjoy similar things :)
The Link for where you Promoted this Community ::
Favorite Place To Be :: in central california at Bass Lake.. wakeboarding. Or in the wintertime.. tahoe or utah.
Wildest Thing You Have Done :: as far as....?
Final Words :: I wub you <333

Picture Time ::

at warped tour.. im the one on the far right in the white with the glasses :)

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